"Amazing Secret Discovered By High School Student Clears Up Acne In 3 Days And Stops Them From Ever Coming Back

...Without Using Any Creams, Scrubs or Drugs!

By Dawn Vang


ow you can learn to use your natural healing ability to "clear up" acne faster than you’ve ever thought possible, giving you the clear and beautiful skin you could only dream of before... without, ever spending a single dime on useless acne treatments again… and, if you're like most acne sufferers, banishing acne in a few days! Impossible? Not if you believe what lifelong acne sufferers worldwide are now saying...

     If you're sick and tired of having acne and want to get rid of them in the fastest time humanly possible...without spending hundreds of dollars a year on acne treatments... then this will be the most important message you ever read.

     Here's why: After naturally curing his acne in just 3 days and stopping it from ever coming back for the past 5 years, 23-year-old Houa Yang breaks 5 years of silence to expose for the first time ever his proven, time-tested methods anyone can use to get rid of their acne once and for all... no matter how long you been having acne, how worse it is right now or how hard you‘ve tried...

     These are secrets that can take almost any acne sufferer with any type of acne... and clear up your skin so fast it will leave other acne sufferers slack-jawed. You want clear and beautiful skin? You want to feel and look more attractive? Go out and have more fun without embarrassment?

     You want to skyrocket your self-esteem and boost your confidence?

     Well, guess what? It can all be yours, faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Because this method works for almost anyone with any type of acne, whether it's blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, boils, zits, back or body acne ...and no matter how bad your acne condition is or how long you had it.

     That's right. No matter what you've tried before (that didn't work)... you can quickly, easily, and naturally eliminate your acne in as little as 3 days and stop them from ever coming back. The clear and beautiful skin you've always wanted can finally be yours.

     Here's the story: Back in high school Houa Yang was an acne sufferer himself. He probably has the worst acne condition in the whole entire school.

     He had blackheads around his nose, enlarged pores, whiteheads visible to the naked eye, and acne all over his face, neck, and upper back.

     It was so bad that, he stopped talking to most of his friends (simply because he rather not have them see how bad his acne condition is), he felt underachiveing in his studies and feel uncomfortable doing anything. Most importantly he stopped going out on dates with his girlfriend (simply because he didn't want to disgust her with his acne).

     Houa's acne condition also caused him to experienced all kinds of negative feelings such as humiliations, embarrassments, ugliness, paranoid, worries, depressed, stress, and so on…

     And just like you and me, he's tried everything... all the washes, gels, creams, scrubs, masks, pills, and bought all sorts of other things.

     But it was one disappointment after another because Houa's "try everything" approach didn't work. He was wasting a ton of money, murdering his skin...causing it to irritate, peel, and dry up with little to no results.

     NOTHING worked.

     So when Houa was finally a senior in high school, he decided to do his senior project (which was required for graduation) on acne. Houa decided to pick acne because he hated it so much and wanted to learn more about it and how to treat it.

     So he spent his entire senior year in high school researching and studying feverishly for a effective method to eliminate acne. He was literally OBSESSED. Turning himself into a "guinea pig" and putting each and every tip he learned into practice. And as Houa went along, he wrote everything down. Every technique he learned, every principle he's used. This way he'll know what worked and what didn't.

     To make the long story short, he’s spent over $1,587 of his own money (pretty much all of the money he made from his part-time job at McDonalds) and 378.6 hours researching for the cure at 7 different libraries, before he finally found a simple, effective solution.

     But let me tell you... what Houa went through was well worth it because the solution Houa discovered was so effective it completely cleared up his skin in just 3 days.

He was stunned and sobbing with joy!

     But that's not all... his acne never came back ever since (he's 23 now and have been acne free for the past 5 years).

And now, Houa devotes his life to helping acne sufferers like youself by writing down everything he's discovered into a simple step-by-step guide book that can help you get rid of your acne once and for all.

     For example, Peter Haze whose been tackling with acne for many years -- he’s tried commercial acne treatments and antibiotics that his dermatologist prescribed him. But both of them failed miserably. He didn’t know what else to do. But he didn’t give up. Peter kept on searching, knowing that one day he would find a solution (something that works).

     He then stumbles on to this site and tested out Houa’s method.

     After just 2 days of use with Houa’s method, Peter was...

Amazed And Jumping Out Of
His Skin With Excitement

     He said that he could finally touch his face as much as he likes now. And not just that his whole body feels alive and full of energy. As a matter of fact, he felt like a new person.

     Here’s the letter Peter sent Houa via email in his own words:

 Product Review - Peter Haze

"My skin has stopped making pimples by the end of day one"

Hello my name's Peter I have just finished the 3 day cleanse 20 mins ago, and this letter is to say thank you. I celebrated by drinking a glass of fresh carrot, pineapple, sweet potato and beetroot juice, and boy was it good!

Thank you so much for your research and I have got to tell you it was an experience and a half. My skin has stopped making pimples by the end of day one and the ones I had are healing, they are just red dots but are not painful anymore at all. I can touch my face as much as I like now. My whole body feels alive and I am now going to be very careful before introducing any new foods into my system. I'll have to test everything.

I was using proactiv and the dermatologist put me on Akamin which is an antibiotic for 6 months prior to last week. Both of them failed to do anything I can see now why. I was going about it all wrong! I was trying to solve a problem by attacking a symptom from the outside instead of taking on the cause. No wonder I got nowhere and my skin actually got worse once I started the acne treatments. I grew up around alternative therapies and my father runs an alternative therapy clinic and health retreat so this was like reminding me that food really is my medicine and you are what you eat.

I can give you a more detailed event log of how I went. It was all good, even the challenging times. I found that hunger for most foods were psychological as I was full and satisfied over the 3 days. I even started having emotional responses to just passing by foods in the store by day three. I am confident that I now know how to look after my skin by looking after my body as a whole. There is so much misinformation around so I admit I was skeptical right up until I read the book and it all made perfect sense to me. I was confident it was going to work before I even started and now that I have done it;

I'm just amazed! It was so simple. I was jumping out of my skin with excitement and energy on day two and after day three I am very calm and peaceful and satisfied.

I only wish I had a high quality camera my web camera photos do not show even the smallest pimples have disappeared. I'll send you what I have if you like.

Best wishes in getting your information out to people, the amount of BS that even myself bought about "how acne happens" so that big companies can sell their lotions and potions needs to be corrected. From what I have experienced personally and from what I have read from other acne sufferers on http://www.acnecanbecured.com.au (by the way thats how I found out about you)

Most treatments if they do "work" the results are temporary even up to a years time of effectiveness because like I said before the symptom is being addressed not the cause.

Thank you again

Peter Haze

"No More Wasting Time And Money
On Useless Acne Treatments"

     Kimberly Tourigny, who tried so many different things and wasted so much time and money on acne treatment that just doesn't work. She was becoming increasingly frustrated, slowly coming to the conclusion that her acne was probably never gonna go away. She was on the brink of losing hope.

     So as a last ditch effort, Kimberly tried Houa's amazing discovery.

     Houa’s adviced provided Kimberly with insights to quickly eliminate her acne. She learned easy, effective ways to keep her skin clear and healthy. Today, she’s saved so much time and money from buying those useless acne treatments. Joy has returned to her life once again. And she’s no longer frustrated.

     Here’s the email she sent Houa via email in her own words:

 Success Story #2 - Kimberly Tourigny

"I am so amazed with the results"

I just wanted to tell you about my experience w/this. I just got this like 5 days ago and have already finished the 3 day method. I must say, I am so amazed with the results.

It has saved me so much time, money, and frustration, and the best part is.......that I know now what to do and how to keep my skin healthy...... And I definitely needed to cleanse the inside of my body.......your awesome.....take care,

Kimberly Tourigny

"Seen Amazing Results In Just Two Days
...Changed My Life"

     Tyler Webb, whose also been tackling with acne for many years. After reading the information in Houa’s book, he finally realizes that what he’s been doing to treat acne was all wrong. Tyler then immediately applied the steps in Houa’s book and waited for the results. But what happened next blew him away.

     In just 2 days, his face almost completely cleared up.

     Here’s what Tyler Webb said in the email he sent Houa:

 Success Story #3 - Tyler Webb

"My confidence level already doubled"

"While reading your ebook everything you said made sense to me. I just started the 3 day method and I'm on my second day and I already don't have one zit, only a couple of red dots where zits use to be, I can't believe it.

This is definately the way to go. Many years I was tackling my zits on the outside, not from the inside. But tackling them from the inside is the key. Cleansing your body, flushing out all the toxins works! Thank you so much for this, My confidence level already doubled and I only used your advice for 2 days!

Thank you, "

Tyler Webb*

What did Houa discovered that was so effective?

     He discovered the true cause of acne and a simple, effective method that treats acne at the root of the problem.

     Let me give you a quick example of how Houa's method works:

     Let’s say you have a stinky diaper in your house and it’s stinky up your whole house. Everywhere you go you can smell it.

     What can you do to get rid of the smell?

     You can open the windows and let the stinky smell out while at the same time getting some fresh air in. Or you can spray some air freshener in the house so it smells good (masking the stinky smell).

     Now, doing these 2 things may temporary freshen up the house a bit but, tell me... will it really get rid of the smell?

     No, because what you are doing is masking the smell of the stinky diaper. You're not really taking care of the real problem.

     This is what most acne sufferers are doing wrong. They're just "masking" the symptoms of acne by using creams and scrubs (just like using the air freshener or opening the window). This is why most acne sufferers will never achieve any long term results.

     Now the one and only way to get rid of the stinky diaper smell is to go to the stinky diaper (the root cause), pick it up and throw it out of the house.

     This is exactly what Houa's method does, it takes the stinky diaper and throws it out of the house. In other words, it targets the underlying cause of acne, like a laser beam, and eliminates it at the root of the problem. Preventing it from ever coming back again.

And once you do that, you’ll instantly...

  • Jumpstart the quality of your social life, and experience more fun and excitement in your life. (Imagine the thrill when you go out and meet interesting people, knowing they will be attracted to you... instead of being turned off by your acne.)

  • Skyrocket your self-confidence. You no longer shy away from people. And you make dynamite first impressions on the people you meet, because the look of your skin no longer stands in the way.

  • Become more attractive, charismatic and popular. People flock to you and give you the respect you deserve, because they no longer judge you by your skin condition.

     Can a simple discovery like this really make that kind of difference on your skin? You bet it can! Just listen to what these acne sufferers say:

 Success Story #4 - Leo

"People Around Me Had Been Shocked About The Changes On My Skin"

Getting this book was the best choice I ever made, I started see the great results after few days of following the instructions. I can't imagine my life keep going with out the secrets I learned from this book.

I feel so much better and people around me had been shocked about the changes on my skin. So all I can say is thank you so much Houa for sharing this with the rest of us and caring about what having acne feels like. The best part is that there is an easy way to cure it and it is right at your fingertips.

Thank you again.

Leo, Iowa

 Success Story #5 - Dave Brisbane

"Already Seen Huge Improvements In My Skin After Only 2 Days..."

Before I started this program I was very sceptical, I was not sure if there were going to be harsh drugs and side effects. I was very please to learn how natural teh cure is. I've only started two days ago and I can allready see huge improvements in my skin all over, it's also helped me with heaps more energy!

Dave Brisbane

 Success Story #6 - Danielle

"My Acne Spots Are Clearing Up!"

houayang, i have read and took in to deep consideration everything that you said in your guid. everything is working out great. i havn't had one new zit form since i started and already my acne spots are clearing up! in addition to everything that you say to do, i also do not eat/drink any sugar at all, and everything looks wonderful. thank you for the information.


 Success Story #7 - Alex

"I Already Saw A Difference In My Skin!"

So far, i've done one day of the 3 day cure and this morning when i woke up, i already saw a difference in my skin. I have this really huge pimple on my chin, and it's starting to heal this morning!!yaye!! I also noticed my headaches stopped, which was probably caused by my overloaded liver. So far so good, but I will comment some more after i finish the cure and let you know how everything went.

Thanks so much for the fast response the other day!!

This cure is awesome!!


 Success Story #8 - Jeremy

"Clear My Skin Up So Fast!"

I found the three day acne free program did wonders to my skin i have never would of thought of such a natural thing to clear my skin up so fast thanks heaps for your help:)

Jeremy, Australia

 Success Story #9 - Suzie German

"The Texture Of My Skin Is Simply Fantastic!"

I've only had the ebook for a week. Already, I've launched straight into the three day method. Being in Australia, I've substituted some of the brands you've suggested but after 3 days the results are amazing!!

I still have a few spots that are clearing, I think it's only natural to take some time. However the texture of my skin is simply fantastic. It's like I've lost my outer skin which was dull, lifeless and greasy. Already the texture has smoothed out and has a glow I've never had!

By the way.. I don't get any spots on my face. My problem has always been across my chest. Yesterday I wore a beautiful strapless dress and everyone commented on my healthy glow. I'm now planning to follow the rest of the suggestions in your e book.

For anyone who reads this.. it takes more thought and commitment than popping a pill.. but the results speak for themselves. I'm sick of the sideeffects that come with oral or topical preparations and at least now all my organs will be benefiting!!

Suzie German from Australia

* The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her dedication, desire, motivation, and how well you follow the program.

Anyways, Here Are Some Of The
Secrets You're About To Discover...

  • The single cause of virtually ALL cases of acne, and what you can do to control it... no matter how serious your condition, or how long you've had it. (You'll never be self-conscious or embarrassed about your acne again)

  • Why almost everyone has acne from one time to another... and what you can do about it, to make sure your skin always stays clear. (Don't be surprised when your spouse or lover refuses to stop kissing you or the one you've been dying to go out with for so long finally ask you out.)

  • Which "trigger foods" could be triggering your acne (these are NOT just the obvious ones you know about). Simply cutting down on these foods could be all you need to make your problem vanish into thin air.

  • The type of fluid that will help carry waste material out of your body... and is quite possibly the single most important contributor to healing and preventing ACNE flare-ups.

  • The 3 things you absolutely must do in order to treat acne at the root of the problem.

  • How a simple breathing method can keep your skin clear and boost your energy level at the same time.

  • Figure out this one thing and you could knock your acne out cold forever. However, if you avoid this one step -- acne will always come back no matter what you do.

  • The way you eat your food is causing more pimples to pop up than it normally does. Discover what you can do to stop this right now before your acne condition gets worse.

  • Warning: Certain foods that stays in your system for more than 24 hours can putrefy and release toxins through out your body. This can cause some of the biggest pimples you'll ever see. Make sure this doesn't happen you by consuming more of this one nutrient.

You Can Start Using These Secrets
To Treat Your Acne, Right Away

     You can learn all the above in Houa's new book called "The Definite Guide To Acne Free Skin", and it is written in plain, simple English so it is easy to understand.

     Houa is making The Definite Guide To Acne Free Skin available as a printable "eBook" -- so you can download your copy instantly, and be reading it 5 minutes from now. (This acne guide is in PDF format, which means you can read it on any computer.)

     And the best part is… you can start using these secrets to eliminate your acne today.

     The price of "The Definite Guide To Acne Free Skin" is only $29.95. That's just a tiny fraction of what you'd have to pay for ONE visit to see a dermatologist. (In fact, one visit to a dermatologist won't do much for you...)

     Not only that... but you can easily waste a hundred to four-hundred dollars a year on acne treatments that doesn't work (and if it does work, it will only temporarily eliminate your acne).

     So I'm sure you'll agree, this is a great bargain just like Mike Bayse and Michael Seipp did...

 Success Story #10 - Matt Bayse

"I don't regret spending a single penny on your services... "

Hello Houa Yang im sorry this took so long to reach you, I went home for the holidays and didn't have access to the internet, I hope you understand.

Anyways let me say your treatment is the BEST acne treatment I've ever experienced. I've tried proactive, oxy pads, benzamyacin prescription medicine, and more face washes then I can count, then I tried your method and in about 4 or 5 days my skin looked the best it ever has in the past 6 years. I'm so excited about this and I don't regret spending a single penny on your services. I thank you again and am pleased that your making your research available to the general public.

Thanks Matt Bayse

 Success Story #11 - Michael Seipp



Michael Seipp

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Dawn Vang

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P.P.S. If you’re still undecided then, listen to what other acne sufferers (people just like you and me) have to say about Houa’s book…

My skin started looking more lively and radiant

Hello Houa,

This is Cheryl White,

I recently purchased "The Guide to Acne Free Skin" and I followed all of your instructions. After following all of your instructions in the Guide, I started noticing results. My skin started looking more lively and radiant. Not only do I feel better about myself when I look in the mirror, I also feel better from within.

I have more energy than I've ever had before, thanks to your advice.

I just want to thank you for being so concerned about other people who are suffering from acne. I know that you, yourself have suffered with acne in the past, and have come up with a cure. Thank you so much for caring and sharing that information with me and the world.

Cure My Acne

Hello my name is Pedro and I am 20 years old. Acne has been quite a trouble for me until I read "The Definite Guide to Acne Free Skin" I had tried lots of acne products including exposed and proactive with out any significant help.

Houa Yang's guide for acne free skin has revolutionary simple techniques that helped cure my acne. I am very pleased with the results I obtained from this guide. I am glad to say that since I started using it I have been Acne free. I highly recommend it.


Pedro K.

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The guide is so helpful. This tells you everything on how to prevent acne and the foods that cause it too! I would recommend the guide to everyone who suffers from acne. This works for me, it has worked on the people who have bought this, and I know it will work for everyone else who would like healthy, radiant skin. This even tells you how to fade away the scars!!!! Who would say no to this guide? This is the best!!!!

Omar Gonzalez

I Highly Recommend This

WOW, I've been doing some research myself and came up with a few things like the causes, what to eat, bad foods ect. i I;ve tried tons of different things and nothing. Houa Yang definately Found a Excelent source to get rid of acne for GOOD! I mean he goes through Everything about what causes acne and how to stop it, everythings self explanatory and very simple to understand. This guide ebook is essencial to getting rid of acne for good and nothing else will work. I HIGHLY remcommend this Guide, if you want clear skin, you have to buy this guide...


     Are these acne sufferers any different than you? No, they are not. Again, they represent people with the worst acne conditions, people who tried everything that didn’t work, and lifelong acne sufferers whose been having acne for years all with the same desire and passion to stop acne once and for all.

     The only thing they did was to put their doubts aside… and give this new discovery a try.

     If you, too, can simply put your doubts aside for a short time, you can see for yourself just what it's like to touch and feel soft, smooth skin for the first time… and eliminate your acne so fast your friends and family would be surprise and wonder how you did it!

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"I've been plagued for 5 years,
now I've found a solution"

Dear Houa Yang,

I have been an acne sufferer for over 5 years, I came to realize the importance of diet and health the undermining factor in this bothersome skin condition.

I had to completely turn my head from the medical communities "treatments" which were only toxic ointments which put a further burden on my liver or antibiotics that killed my friendly flora and led to candida which were only designed to suppress the symtoms of acne not the root cause.

Your ebook is simple to follow and leaves all the confusing stuff out which makes people veer off course. I really liked the breathing excersise part, I did not realize how good that is for the lymphatic system-rebound (trampoline) is another great one for that.

Thanx again for this advice, it deserves even more money than the medical doctors.

Colin Buchanan

The Definite Guide to Acne by Houa is a straightforward and realistic method to helping cure acne naturally without the use of drugs or skincare products (which only offer short term relief to acne, but will never cure it, and in many cases will make the acne worse because antibiotics mess up your body's natural system).

The book offers perfect sense that acne is an INTERNAL problem and that something is going wrong inside you that is causing you to have these acne breakouts. Acne doesn't just happen on it's own! Houa explains that if you fix the internal problems that are causing your acne and keep it this way, you will never have to buy expensive so called miracle creams and washes when you could be using the money to have fun!

This ebook talks about internally cleansing your system to remove toxins that are causing your acne and includes how to help your body, which foods to eat and avoid if you suffer from acne and gives you a thorough lowdown biologically what is causing acne.

After you have read this book, your whole outlook on acne will change completely and you will understand at last what really is causing your acne. You will understand that topical skincare treatments and antibiotics only deal with the SYMPTOMS of acne but DO NOT correct the ROOT CAUSE which you must do in order to cure acne for good. The Definite Guide To Acne will show you exactly how to do this.

Acne is not natural. It is a sign of toxic overload in the body and you must correct your bodily functions if you want to be acne free forever. If you or anyone you know is suffering from acne, you MUST buy this guide.

Life is far too short to be miserable living with acne. You don't deserve it and now is the time to stop it for good so you can live life to the full! BUY THIS GUIDE!

Helen Bolton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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Works Wonders

  • Worked wonders -- thanks so much! Sharon Schmitz, Defiance, IA

  • WOW, Awesome stuff he has going.. AA++, Thanks... Tony Apolinar, Prescott Valley, AZ

  • Works Great...Thanks Ron Hayes, Manitoba, Canada

  • Suggestions worth a try, my skin is much better. Melanie Serrato, Norco, CA


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